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Predominant Use of Electricity
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Sales Tax Consultants of Texas, Inc.

Experts in State of Texas Sales and Use Tax Liability Audit Assessment Resolutions  and Texas Electricity. We have extensive experience in the Texas Sales and Use Tax rules, practices, and procedures as formulated for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts auditors’ tax liability assessment procedures.

We are an experienced professional organization contracting in the area of Texas Sales and Use Tax audit resolution assistance and overpaid tax recoveries. This having assimilated extensive field experience in varied manufacturing processes, oil and gas processing, oil and gas operator’s activities, refining, extrusion processes, contractors, real property repair and remodeling companies, construction companies, retailers/wholesalers, service industries providers, and other industries which are subject to Texas Sales and Use Tax Statues, Rules and Policies.

Our knowledge is extensive relative to activities related to oil and gas exploration and production services (including but not limited to): the initial spud, drilling processes, completion services, work over activities and down hole stimulation activities. We will do the in depth analysis of the AFE files, field reports, state data, and related field documentation necessary to reduce unjust State of Texas Sales and Use Tax liability assessments.

Let us utilize our knowledge of Texas Sales and Use Tax statutes and complex exemption stipulations to reduce your audit liability assessments.

Our approach to these assessment reductions involves a combination of research and knowledge of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts “policies” which will sometimes “trump” the field auditor’s imposition of the tax liability. We will utilize our experience and requisite research activities to drive our conscientious and professional problem solving activities. Our strength is in our resolve and our professionalism.

Additionally, our established channels of communications to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts facilitates our liability resolution tasks.

Our audit resolution and tax recovery experience will serve as a tremendous asset in your corporation's efforts to reduce unjust audit liability assessments and lower related penalty and interest dollars due the State of Texas.

Texas Manufacturing Electricity-Predominant Use of Electricity within Manufacturing Process

We specialize in the resolution of unjust manufacturing electricity liability assessments. We can complete the requisite study of electricity consumption as required in by the State of Texas in order move the state auditor to allow the justified exemption for electricity consumed within the manufacturing process.  

Our certified, experienced and bonded engineer (our study being bonded for 1 million dollars) will examine the consumption of electricity at your manufacturing locations. He will generate a certified report based on the predominant use of the manufacturing electricity. He will then commence liability assessment reduction /refunding procedures relative to the now qualified consumption of electricity within the manufacturing process

Fee packages are available in hourly, contingency and hybrid packages. We offer customized fee packages. We will be hard to beat.

Our predominant use study of electricity is expedited based on statutory constraints.  

Confidentiality: All information is handled with utmost concern relative to security and confidentiality.

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